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Here are some basic FAQ's to help understand the Living Donor process.

  • What are the compatibility requirements to determine a living donor match?

    • The recipient needs to have a "compatible" kidney donor. Being compatible means that the recipient has no antibodies in his or her blood that would react against the donor kidney. We use the following blood tests to determine donor-recipient compatibility:

      • Blood typing

      • Tissue typing

      • Cross matching

      • Antibody screening

  • Do I have to have the same blood type in order to be a donor match?

    • We ideally are looking for an O blood type donor. Either + or - works. If you do not have an O blood type, you can still be a donor! Living donors need to meet the compatibility requirements mentioned above.  For instances where the donor is not an exact match, the donor can enter into the living kidney exchange program. More information can be found here.

  • Who pays for the testing and potential procedure?​

    • All the costs are incurred by the recipients health insurance coverage. ​

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